Political Cartoon

Dr. Suess is best known for his famous children's books like "Cat in the Hat," "The Sneetches," and "Green Eggs and Ham" only to name a few. His real name is Theodore Suess Geisel and was a second generation German-American. During World War II, he worked as a cartoonist for PM Magazine. One of his most famous political cartoons is " Ho Hum! When He’s Finished Pecking Down That Last Tree He’ll Quite Likely Be Tired" (1941) which is shown below. Geisel made this right before the United States got involved in WWII and the country was divided between isolationism and interventionism.  Geisel was an interventionist and it was clear in this comic that he believed intervening with the Nazis would be better letting them run amuck in Europe killing many innocent people.  In the cartoon, there is an eagle with an American hat, happily sitting in a tree while twiddling his thumbs. In the background, there is a Nazi bird pecking down trees labeled wit

Practice Written Task 1 Review

I really struggled with my first practice written task for IB English. I'm never really good with timed writing but I was not even able to write two complete paragraphs for this assignment. Maybe it was because it was my first time practicing writing for the IB under a time limit or I was just having a hard time coming up with ideas. Regardless, I know I can do better, and I plan to. In the written task, I planned to write a paragraph about the cartoon (Text 1), then a paragraph about the written text (Text 2) and finally a paragraph comparing the two. This was not a good method. I was struggling for ideas that were not repetitive and should have started to compare the texts in an introductory paragraph and then discuss the different themes in both texts. I'm a very visual person, I enjoy analyzing cartoons and other art. What I need to practice is being able to take the ideas and symbolism I see in the cartoon and try to find them in the written text. This will help me find t

Biased Article Review

PURPOSE:  To criticize Sheryl Sandberg about the 2016 Facebook fiasco and convince readers about her evil yet genius manipulation in the business world.  DEVICES: Connotative Diction: Sandberg is referenced as "a vicious one" which gives the reader the impression she is an evil, mean, selfish businesswoman. I find this as being a bit sexist because the business world is tough and ruthless. Businessmen and women have to be harsh and cruel sometimes because they have to be in employment in order to be successful. Again, not much information was given on her involvement in the Facebook fiasco.  Product Placement:  He references two Podcasts Inside the Hive  and Pivot  but gives no information about them besides them being excellent and that they support his point. No direct quotes are included for either podcast. He says, "As Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway noted on a recent episode of their excellent new podcast, Pivot ." Name Dropping -Bilton (the


In the two advertisements below there are children modeling clothes from GAP. The first is of a boy is wearing an goofy Einstein shirt wit the caption "The Little Scholar." The second of a girl wearing kitty ears and a logo sweater with the caption "The Social Butterfly." These ads are targeted towards parents who have small children who are most likely going back to school and need new clothes. Although there is little text in both these ads, both imply that these cloths will make your kid(s) more popular  and smarter in school. This can be seen in the girl's ad when it says, "Chambray shirts + logo sweaters are the talk of the playground" and in the boy's ad it says, "Your future starts here. Shirts + graphic tees = genius idea." I personally have multiple problems with this ad, the main one being that it is enforcing gender stereotypes on young impressionable children. The ad with the little girl implies that your popularity in schoo

What is Happiness

Happiness is a feeling that is under appreciated in this day in age. I'm happy when I don't have a lot of work to do, the feeling of being free from hard work and being able to do what I want when I want makes me happy. However, I am lucky enough to have a simple peaceful life unlike most other people in the world.  The National Happy Index is a great way to learn about world's happiness or lack there of. To measure the people's happiness, everyone must be accounted for regardless of gender, race or social class. Without looking at statistics I already know that most of the world is not happy. It is so easy to focus on negative things that we never stop and think about the happy things in life. The story "I have been called a Luddite" is an adorable short story about a man who is not fond in new technology but finds happiness is the simple things in life. In the story the main character narrates his trip to the post office to mail a letter. At the end he say

Coca Cola Advertising

Coca Cola is one of the most popular drinks in the entire world. Their advertising is a key part to their companies success. Coca Cola ads are all over the world in numerous countries with diverse cultures. I chose to analyze and compare two Coke ads for this post because of two reasons. The first being I personally love Coke, it one of my favorite drinks. The second is that Coca Cola was first released in 1886, so the company has over a century of advertising experience. So what do Coca Cola advertisements from different countries have in common?  Below are two Coca Cola advertisements, the left is a Coke ad from the US and on the left is Coke ad from Brazil. As you can see the ads are very different in color, design and balance. The US Coke ad is simple in design, with a singe bottle of Coca Cola laying in the ice. The target audience is people who like to drink soda. The subject of the picture is a refreshing bottle of coke with condensation on it, laying in ice which make the vie

I am Julie

My name is Julie. When it comes to technology I use it everyday for homework, social media and entertainment. Homework media, such as Google Classroom and Renweb, I use as tools for communicating with my teachers and completing my school work. I use social media to keep in touch with my friends and family. Entertainment media is what I use the most often, to watch television shows, movies and YouTube videos. Technology allows me to connect to this media through my laptop, phone, tablet and television. For my topic of technology, I focused on one commercial, from Dove. The commercial had a carefully constructed message to parents about the power of self-worth. By showing the endless beauty ads and only one little girl the commercial shocks parents into realizing that they must teach their child about self acceptance before they get caught in the beauty industries's image of "perfect." The ad ends with single quote, "Talk to your daughter before the beauty industry